The Glutton Chronicles: Volume 1

I arrogantly sat in church and listened to mention of sin in a sermon and cringed. I felt bad for ‘those poor folks in here that still have sin in their life”.

Thanks goodness I’m sinless.


I like to convince myself that since I am no crack-addict, alcoholic (though i do love me some wine), murderer, or adulterer that I am sin-free.

Then I felt this heavy feeling hit me. I am a CRAAAZY glutton.

I love food. I think about food more than I think about anything else.

I convinced myself that I am never going to be one of those skinny women. That God created me with a slow metabolism and a weak will-power and that was the way it was. It was a creation error. Not user-error.

And then I remembered. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Oh right.

My dear new friend, Morgan spoke some truth to me the other night. She reminded me that when God first created humans, part of the design plan was for them to …you know….MOVE around!

Back in the day, people walked everywhere. they hunted their food, they had to. Somewhere along the way, we stopped moving. She told me that if you ate moderately like a normal person, but found a way to move around for an hour a day, your body will naturally start becoming the weight that God originally designed it.

Wait! God had an ideal weight in mind for me when he designed me? A weight that would allow me to utilize the most energy. Keep me the healthiest? How cool is that! So he didn’t screw up when he made me! He just intended for me to move around a little more than I currently do!

I want to point that GOD has an ideal weight for me. This weight may be different than society’s ideal weight for me.

Okay, Keep in mind that I am 5 foot 10in. If I ate whatever I wanted and never exercised, my body would naturally start to become a size 16. Been there. Done that. Don’t like it. I actually FEEL heavy. Walking around is effortful. Picking up Callie is effortful. Something tells me that is not God’s ideal weight for me.

However, I too once was on the society-train. I ate vegetables and grilled chicken and was obsessed with the world and became a size 8/10. I looked goooooooood. But if I ate one single carb, I’d gain 5 pounds and feel like a failure. It was my one true focus throughout the day. What am I going to do about lunch? What about that party coming up? Will they have a salad? Maybe I should bring my own. Food-OBSESSED. Something tells me that is NOT God’s ideal weight for me either.

Maybe just maybe. God’s ideal weight for me is somewhere in between. A place that is NOT food-obsessed, but God-obsessed. If I can move around for an hour a day. Be it running, dancing, walking, crawling around the obstacle course I made with Callie. And just eat like a normal person. Normal portions. Occasionally have a piece of cake. Usually pass on it. I will become a healthy, happy weight. It may be one size too high for society, but the perfect size for God’s standards.

How can I do this? By doing just that! Becoming God-obsessed. By giving him my time. My day. My life. Every single day.

I originally wrote this three weeks ago. Now hop on over to see what has happened the last three weeks.




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  • AshleyAugust 17, 2011 - 4:38 pm

    LOVE this post. It is sooo easy to become obsessed in that way and to think that what the world wants for me is best. It is not. What God wants is best. Been loving you open up more about God in your life 🙂

  • gogreenoAugust 22, 2011 - 1:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing! This really moved me this morning. I totally agree!

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