train to chicago

My husband rocks. We swore we weren’t exchanging gift this Christmas. The day after he hands me an envelope with a ‘clue’ in it. It rhymed. It ended up being one of seven envelopes that revealed an intricately planned trip to Chicago via a train!! He had everything planned. Hotel, dinner, theatre. He said he had a budget in mind and we could either spend three frugal days or one stupidly expensive 24 hours. He chose one amazing day. It included dinner on top of the Hancock building overlooking the skyline 95 stories up. I loved it. I love him. Who says romance has to die down in marriage? Here’s a few photos. I only managed to take about 5 photos and record only the train ride itself (on 8mm video). Whoops. I guess when you’re really enjoying yourself you tend to forget to document it. By the way, I apparently LOVE train rides. Never done it before, but it was a blast and definitely my new favorite spot to daydream.

Song: Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle




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