Katie Day at the Metro Bride Expo!

I did my first ever Bridal Expo last Sunday. Designing the booth was a blast. The day itself was crazy, overwhelming and I think I might have blacked out for most of it. I do vaguely remember telling someone after learning of their 2013 wedding date, “Well, I hope you enjoy your wedding because we’ll all be dead. The world is ending this year.” That may have not been the best sales technique. I also recall someone saying, “Can I book with you today?” And I said something like, “Go home! Think it over! No pressure!”. Yikes. In conclusion, I’m not a salesman. But, I do hope if you like my photos and it’s in your budget, then book! If it’s not, then we can still be friends. Please? Seriously, I really need some friends.

Now for photos of the booth! My hot husband built the background. My besties, Bre and Allison helped work the show. KDP also had the honor of being a featured vendor in the lobby. Woohoo!

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