happy birthday hubby!

Last year, our chubby little 6-month old held a sign for Daddy’s birthday.

Yesterday, our full-of-energy-18-month-old sat still for approximately .03 seconds while I got this photo. She said ‘Cheese”, but I don’t really think it was sincere.

I want to brag on a couple of character traits that I love about my husband. He is a High School English teacher and is passionate about classic literature. He’s about to begin To Kill a Mockingbird in his classes, and it’s his favorite. He’s even been to Harper Lee’s house for a tour. I found these BEAUTIFUL books at Barnes and Noble, part of their classic series. My gosh, I was DROOLING over that table. At one point I had a stack of seven that I was convinced I was going to buy all of them. But as they are $20 each (and as I mentioned my husband makes a teacher’s salary) I purchased only two. But, maybe we’ll collect a few every special occasion until we have them all. They’re just so lovely.

But back to how great my husband is. One of the cutest ‘new-dad’ moments I observed was when I walked into a room and he was reading the paper to newborn Callie. I asked him what he was doing and he said “Scout always climbed up on Atticus’ lap and he would read the newspaper to her.” Oh my heart. My husband has an old (beautiful) soul. There have been several times where I’ve caught him drinking whiskey, smoking a pipe, and reading Ernest Hemmingway. He always wears a tie to work. Always.

Our trip to Europe on our second anniversary was a perfect vacation because it combined my heart for art history (paris) and his love for classic literature and william shakespeare (london). We’ve also decided that the movie “Midnight in Paris” was created specifically for us as it brings to life all of the art and literary historical figures we love. I’d explain the artists to him, he explained the writers to me..”No, Katie, seriously that is EXACTLY how Ernest Hemmingway writes.” Basically we’re nerds. And we’re in geeky, nerdy love.

Another thing I love about him is how much he loves tradition. My dream for Callie’s childhood is that it would be full of family traditions and memories. Someday I’d like Callie to say to her friends,”We always make these treats for Christmas.” “We go fishing every Spring Break.” “My family went camping every fall and played guitar and sang around the campfire”. And hopefully “We never miss church. It’s a blast. I love Jesus.” (right, Callie…you’ll say that won’t you!!!???”)

Jared’s family is full of tradition and I attempted (KEY WORD ATTEMPTED) to bring one of those traditions to life yesterday. His Granny (the greatest cook who ever lived. We’re talking down-home-butter-and-oil-cooking) always made an exposed chocolate layer cake for all of her grandkids on their birthday. Hers are beautiful, lovely, and delicious. Mine was……delicious. It kind of turned out looking like a hot mess, but it was a moist-and-delicious hot mess and I figure I’ve got many more birthdays to perfect it. (I wanted to be sure I mentioned that my bestie, Allison is a teacher and on Spring Break this week and came over to help make this, but then I wondered if she would want to be associated with this. oh well. i’ve done it now.)

He was a happy, happy man. Though I’m pretty sure Callie thought it was her birthday. She sang “Happy-TO-you!!! Hott! Hotttt!”



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  • Christy CropperMarch 23, 2012 - 10:08 am

    So sweet!
    I love his aspirations of be oping Atticus finch 🙂

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