My first few years out of college were spent working as a graphic designer/art director for an advertising agency. Somedays I miss it like crazy. Particularly when I come across a killer ad. The following three ads make me SO happy. The one thing they all have in common….COLOR! COLOR! COLOR!!! (And some awesome music.) Watch all three and try to have a bad day afterward!

1. Target- Color changes Everything, Agency: wieden+kennedy
It’s colorful, it’s got parkour, IT’S FRENCH! What more do you need?

2. JC Penney – March Is Madness, Agency:
I think JCP has been KILLING it lately. I love the simplicity of the ‘square is fair’ campaign too, and of course the ones with Ellen. They are fun, poppy, and SATURATED!!! Now will someone go fly a kite from a rooftop with me?

3. Lowes- Never Stop Improving, Agency: BBDO.
Oooh, I want to DANCE through all of my life-stages!!! I think this commercial might be laced with some holy spirit up in therrr because I nearly cry when I watch the whole thing. And I LOVE the new slogan, Never Stop Improving. I believe it applies to your home but also to yourself! I hope I never stop learning, growing, improving. I’d much rather get most improved player than MVP.

Dear Target, JC Penney, and Lowes. If I am your target audience, then you NAILED IT! : )





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  • Tona RowettApril 2, 2012 - 1:07 pm

    We dont have TV, so i never get to see ads anymore. These were enjoyable. Thanks for sharing, Katie. I would bet you ARE the target for all three of these retailers!!

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