Fish Fry & Fellowship

I’ve decided I’m no longer going to wait for special occasions to throw a soiree. From now on, any excuse to throw a party and I’m taking it. Jared caught some fish, so boom. It’s party time. We are very blessed to have such an amazing church full of great young couples. Love these guys.The official color scheme of this party was “oh-this-is-a-color-and-laying-around-my-house”.

Callie kept sneaking baked beans from off the table and spoon-feeding them to Addie. We don’t think Addie even liked them that much, she’s just really go-with-the-flow.

That’s where the photos stopped. What happened next was a fiercely competitive wiffle ball game full of blood, sweat, and tears. I can’t really remember who won the game. I think it was my team. I’m not sure. I think I lost track…..Ok. we lost DANGIT. By one friggin point.

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  • leahApril 2, 2012 - 9:41 pm

    The next time Addie won’t eat something, I’ll have Callie come feed her. Addie says no to me, but Callie is hard to resist.

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