Happy Easter!

The alternate title for this post is “Oops. Our kids are still too young and uncoordinated to dye Easter eggs.”  Oh well. It was very messy, but still fun. I knew it wasn’t going to go too well when Callie immediately shouted ‘JUICE!!!!!’ and poured the orange dye out all over the ground.

I think Lila Blue is looking a bit Easter egg-ish lately. : )
So the dying wasn’t perfect, but this morning Callie and I baked some Easter Cupcakes to bring to Grandma’s tomorrow. And I couldn’t believe how much she ‘gets’ baking all of the sudden. We’ve made probably about 30 batches of cupcakes in her 18 months of life and things really clicked today for the first time. She helped me stir and helped me count the tablespoons. She even helped put the Peanut M&M’s on top. This was also the first time she was attentive throughout the ENTIRE process. It makes me so excited for all the future activities we’ll do together.
Alright, so I’m a bit cruel. I put her up on the table to pose with the cupcakes, then told her not to touch them. Not cool, Mom. Not cool.




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