Home update: a platerack and chairs for the kitchen

I posted a while ago about taking risks while giving my home a little decor-update. You can click through to see the ‘before’. Here are a couple updates since then. I decide to take pictures with the leftover flowers from our fish fry, but I normally just have a bowl of fruit as a centerpiece. Let’s see, I purchased two more chairs. These are the armless Eames-knockoff. You could fit three across if you needed to, but this suits our needs for now. I can’t believe how comfy these chairs are. They conform right to your bottom. I was a little nervous about a white chair with a messy toddler, but the perk to white is that is can be BLEACHED! Callie was coloring the other day and decided that the white chairs needed blue and purple scribbles all over it. I panicked since I had to BEG Jared to let me get these. But one single Clorox wipe and minimal scrubbing and it was good as new. What a miraculous invention bleach is! (Side note: I wish that gold-ish wall was also just gray, and I’ll get to it eventually. It was like that when we moved in and it’s neutral enough that I’ve just let it stay) Someday we will get a bench for the back so that we can pile a million kids across it (God-willing) but for now, this is just great.

The second update was the dish rack. I’ve always loved our dishes. When we were registering for our wedding, I couldn’t decide what color I wanted, so I chose ALL OF THE COLORS! I love them. But they were hiding in a cabinet and we could really use the extra cabinet space. (Toddlers come with a ton of just…STUFF! Also, I have way too many party-serve-ware-items. I can’t help myself. I love parties.) Now I have an entire empty cabinet to organize! Joy! You should know that Jared was 100% against this idea, but sort-of shrugged in agreement after some persistent whining from me intelligent and charming persuasion from me. I decided to try to pull it off while he was at work. And I did it! I had never used the power drill before,now I feel confident that I can do way more stuff on my own. (allyouwomenwhoindependentthrowyourhandsbackatmeee) And when he came home he said. “Well, look at that! It’s so cute!” (which may have had a hint of sarcasm to it, but I’ll take it!) The brackets are from Lowes (then painted white) and the top two shelves are actually just boards cut to size and I sanded and painted them white. That way they won’t bend under the weight like shelving particle board would.

I should mention these books and that they’re fantastic. “Simple Country Wisdom” has all of the tips and tricks that your grandmother knows but may have been lost along the way. How to season your cast-iron-skillet, the trick to making really good french toast, tips & cheats on chores/cleaning/cooking/gardening. And it’s beautifully -photographed.  Rachel Ray taught me how to make a killer pork-chop. “Happy Housewives” is a candid, witty and inspirational book, that basically says “please stop complaining about how hard your life is. You stay at home. You have the most amazing job in the world, and here are some tips to make it more awesome. Stop whining, you whiner.”

And I added a chalkboard, because a) I love chalkboards. b) I get more excited about cooking dinner after I write it on the menu. (Whatever works to motivate you, right?)


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