Home Video: Callie 18 months and Some Kind of Wonderful

My darling toddler is well technically 19 months old now, and my “parenting-documenting-goal” is a video montage every 6 months. I’d say she’s changed quite a bit from her First year video.

Here are some facts about Callie at 18 months.

She’s gradually getting taller and skinnier just like her mom i mean, dad. Down to 18th percentile in weight, up to 78th in height.

She loves to dance, sing, make faces, say hi to strangers at the grocery store. Multiple times. Usually about 10 and very loud. “HI! HIIII! HIIIII!!!!” I’ve recently taught her “How are you?” and it always gets a laugh.

The most hilarious Callie-ism right now is the word “okay!”. For example, Callie murmers something that sounds like juice, to clarify, you say “Juice?” and she shouts “OKAY!!!!” like it was your idea in the first place. This happens about a hundred times a day and I laugh every single time.

Activities she loves: blowing bubbles, taking care of her baby dolls, wagon-rides, swinging, counting to three then going down a slide, spying on our neighbors through our fence slats like a stalker, wrestling Halpert, playing with Jude, her boyfriend. (She actually calls every little boy she sees, ‘Jude’) Playing in her kitchen,  and having pretend picnics on a quilt in our living room.

Everyone says how talkative and happy she is. She will go to ANYONE and probably give them a kiss. She gets VERY concerned about babies who cry at the store. She shouts “BABY CRY????” and then pats and rocks an invisible baby saying “shh shh shh”.

She used to never ever sit still, but in the last month she will actually cuddle and watch a movie or “Elmo!!!!”

Favorites Foods: Oranges and cheese. (Oh my lord, is she crazy for cheese.)

Least Favorite Foods: Anything involving red sauce, ex: ketchup and pizza. (But I bet that will change!)

She won’t let you change her diaper unless she’s holding her toothbrush with “SOAP!!” (aka toothpaste)

She says “Thank you” every time you give her anything.

She’s obsessed with my make-up and screams “SOME???” every time I get ready.

She greets you with so much enthusiasm even if you only ran to the post office for 5 minutes, “MAMAA!!!!!!!!!” : )

She definitely has an opinion now and isn’t afraid to show it. Our method of discipline is time-out b/c she rocks at it. You say “time-out” and she immediately stops and goes to the wall and sits til you tell her it’s over. After a minute, I get down to her level, explain the offense again, make her say “Sorry, Mama” and then we hug. And so far, she has never gone back to doing the same ‘bad’ thing. ( I realize that this is freakish, but we’re going to ride it while it lasts.)

She’s SO obedient about time-out that I actually got distracted and left the room while she was in one, and it lasted a solid 10 minutes until I heard “I SORRY MAMA! I SORRY MAMA!!!!” from the other room. (Whoops) but she still hadn’t left the wall. Hilarious. #badmom

Anyway, this age is a blast. It really does keep getting better. I used to feel a bit lonely all day when she was younger, but now I feel like I’ve got a friend to hang out with. I adore her. I can’t imagine a better, more easy-going, hilarious toddler. I think we both laugh all day long.

Here’s the last few months via Instagram. (I’m a tad obsessed with it, feel free to ‘follow me’ I promise I won’t think you’re creepy. Unless you literally “follow me” around my neighborhood.)

There you go. Lots of movies, tea parties, hammock rides, her hiding in tiny spaces. And yes that is her in time-out at my dr. appointment. And yes I did take a picture of her while she was in it. I told you, I ‘m a horrible person.


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  • Kathy FApril 25, 2012 - 4:37 pm

    Oh, so adorable! Love it so much!

  • Sarah WilliamsApril 25, 2012 - 9:00 pm

    Katie–she is adorable–and so smart–I watched this video and just cracked up–such a busy stage in their life–enjoy her every day because they really do grow up way too fast. She is a doll—-OH and I love the song too. Keep ’em coming.

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