Callie – 2 year update

I realized I never posted Calle’s 2 year photoshoot and update and I wanted to get it in before life becomes all about baby brother for a while! Yesterday, we had our last big Mommy-Callie date. She had to solve clues that led to each new location/activity. You can see her sweet, giddy reactions to her day of surprises via my Instagram feed.

Here’s some video snippets from her second year:

And here’s her singing “Call Me Maybe” and “Never Ever Ever” via webcam.


I hope I’ll always remember your second year:
-How go-with-the-flow you are. If it’s time to go to the store. Time to leave the store. Time to put the toy back on the shelf because we’re not actually going to buy it. Time to go play in the church nursery for a while but “mom and daddy be right back!”
-How you act out the action sequences in your favorite movies, running around the couch.
-The grin on your face when you watch Flynn and Rapunzel fall in love.
– The first time you escaped from your crib in the morning a brought me ‘breakfast in bed’ consisting of a bag goldfish and empty coffee mug, “Morning, Mama! You hungry?”
-when we were pointing out all of the teddy bears and horsies in the flea market, and after finding so many treasures, you shouted happily, “Mama! What IS THIS PLACE?!”
-how every single time we pass an Andy’s ice cream cone, we have to shout “It’s SPINNING!”
-How sweet you are and will get so concerned if your pregnant, hormonal Mommy is crying, “Momma, you sad? Don’t cry! look at the cows! You see the cows? You want a snack? Momma? You all better?”
-How you are nailing the songs on the radio now and know way more of the lyrics than I ever thought possible.
-Our Dance parties to “I’m looking for my friends! I’m looking for YOU! Hey there’s Mama! Check out ma moves!”
-How every morning you ask me “Momma, you readin Bible? You read bout Jesus? I read Jesus too!” And then you go find your children’s bible and sit next to me at the table. (heartmelt)
-How you wrestle with your Daddy on the floor. “Daddy Don’t tickle me!”
-How happy you are to see me even if I just went to the store for a little bit. “HI MOMMA!!!!!”
-How you’ll chant along in the car, “Ah-mi’es House! Grammie’s House!”
-How you’ll say “You do it!”‘ i do it!” “No like it!” “It’s scary!” “I want crackers too-p!” “Where you go-ning?” “what are you do-ning?”
-How you’ll grab your own tummy and say “Baby Brother’s KICKING!”
-How when we tuck you in, you’ll say “Mama. Sing Song?’ And how I didn’t realize you knew all the words to Regina Spektor’s ‘Samson’ until I stopped singing it one night and you finished it all by yourself.
-How every baby you meet is “SO CUTE!”
-How you say “thank you” every single time I do anything!

Callie you are such a blessing to us. You are so friendly to every stranger you meet. You willingly go to time-out even though you HATE IT. You give hugs and kisses and snuggle us. I can’t imagine an easier kid or one with more JOY for life. Playing dress-up, pretending, singing songs. I love every single day that I get to spend with you!




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  • Jennifer FitzpatrickDecember 5, 2012 - 5:15 pm

    Melt. My. Heart. What a beautiful girl and wonderful words!

  • KellyDecember 27, 2012 - 6:05 pm

    I just now saw this!! Amazing !!! She is so beautiful and I love her so much !! What an awesome way to capture her personality!! Love you !

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