Daytrippers: Color Scavenger Hunt in Branson

We’re almost done with this dang winter weather which is great because I’m running out of ideas to do with these crazies. For the past few wintery months, there’s been one day a week where I simply can’t stand to be in our house another second and I crave an adventure. That adventure usually takes us to the most magical place on earth. No, not that one. The other one. Branson, Missouri.

This kitsch-filled wonderland is just the place to raise my spirits and give us something to do. And usually without ever leaving the car! I call it the Hwy 76 Scavenger Hunt. I call out objects and Callie has to find them. “Giant Gorilla? Yellow Plane!? Huge Chicken!” (Those are real examples, ya’ll. I’m not kidding around. Branson. Look it up.) Today. I changed it up and told Callie we were going on a Color Scavenger Hunt. We made it contest to find all the green. Then blue. Then pink. But when we found this absurdly amazing rainbow building, I couldn’t help it. We had to do an impromptu photoshoot.



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