Stephanie & Patrick : Married! Van Noy Mansion, Kansas City, MO

Siiigh. Stephanie was my best friend in high school. We actually began our best friendship by me creepily saying “You’re funny! I think I want to be best friends with you.” And when our lockers were randomly assigned next to each other, I shouted “BEST FRIENDS!!!! It’s inevitable now.” And every time we’d pass in the hall, I’d whisper “Hey best friend….” So free life tip: if you just tell someone that they are your best friend enough, IT WILL COME TRUE! Stephanie is really just the best. She’s hilarious, gorgeous, witty, and she’s girl-drama-free, so she’s kind of like a dude. In the BEST way. And THEN she found Patrick who gained my 100% full approval about .3 seconds after meeting him. He’s THE most chill, go-with-the-flow guy. Put them together and you get the most PEACEFUL, joyful, mellow of wedding days. In fact, they were so chill that the weather even decided to chill out. It was a delightfully cool June evening!

Enjoy this classic, lovely, gorgeous wedding!



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  • Sara MaySeptember 10, 2014 - 6:35 am

    Wow… That text message touched my heart and makes me smile… 🙂

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