Girl’s Trip- Arkansas 2019

-Grateful I got to sneak away for an overnight in Arkansas the land of rolling hills, little shops, and art.

-Grateful for friendships with women who noticed our trip had a “color palette” and who constantly say “oh! look at that good light”

-Grateful for seeing them point out something cool that I had just walked right past. “I love concrete.” interesting. Tell me why!”

-Grateful for hearing deep tidbits like : “I’m working on being gentle with my words and speaking as genuinely as possible without exaggerating” wedged in between light tidbits like “okay. I’m gonna need these earrings.”

-Grateful brunch is about the most delicious thing on the planet and the EASIEST to order paleo.

-Grateful that even in a group of artists, designers, photographers, competition isn’t even a thought. (Except when Karen snagged that really cool vintage dress before I could.)

-Grateful for a husband who said “go!”

-And grateful for kids who hug me tightly and say “Never ever leave again!”.


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