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Sunday at home: Callie Climbs a tree.

Yesterday was pretty perfect. And sunny. And lazy. Callie climbed a tree and once again proved that she’s braverView full post »

The Mystery Hour: Behind the Scenes

Sometimes I write and act in a local late night talk show. Is that weird?  It’s the most fun and I’m madlyView full post »

welcome home, baby nora

My sweet friend Sarah came over for breakfast on a Saturday morning and captured our newest addition to our crazyView full post »

Callie’s Fourth Birthday Party: Flamingo!

I can’t believe Callie is FOUR. I tried to keep things simple this year since I am 38 weeks pregnant. (Phew!) SoView full post »

Emerson’s First Haircut

I can’t believe my once-bald baby now had little tufts of hair covering his ears. We headed over to our goodView full post »

The Mystery Hour – Springfield MO’s late night talk show!

I’m so excited that Season Three of The Mystery is finally ALL on youtube! Joining the sketch-writing team thisView full post »

Lacy’s Camping Themed Baby Shower Brunch with Donut Bar

I married into THE world’s most creative family. Jared’s sisters and momma have some serious style, so throwing a babyView full post »

Daytrippers: Milsap Farms Thursday Night Pizza

Jared and I were talking the other day about our idea of a perfect evening. I said “I really just want to eatView full post »

Daytrippers: Crystal Bridges Art Museum, Bentonville, AR

I can’t say enough good things about Crystal Bridges. It’s only two hours from Springfield, Mo andView full post »

Callie makes pancakes

She asks me basically every morning if we can make pancakes. Sometimes you just gotta say yes.View full post »

Daytrippers: Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Festival – Mansfield, MO

Now anyone who knows me knows my INTENSE passion for gardening. Wait. I’ve never gardened a day in my life,View full post »

Daytrippers: Color Scavenger Hunt in Branson

We’re almost done with this dang winter weather which is great because I’m running out of ideas to do withView full post »

The Wishing Elephant

You should have seen the look on my face when these tiny cardigans showed up in my mailbox from The WishingView full post »

Home Video: Emerson: The First Year

Emerson, You have brought us nothing but pure joy. From easy newborn to happy six-month-old to the giggliestView full post »

Milk & Cookies Party – Emerson’s First Birthday!

The snowpocolypse didn’t stop this crew from gathering and eating ONE BILLION cookies! Note to self: Don’tView full post »

Our Family at the Fair!

You may remember the last time we did a photoshoot at the fair when I was pregnant with Callie. It ended up being myView full post »

Callie’s Tangled Birthday Party!

Planning this party was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had. Callie helped with every craft which made it all theView full post »

My Journey to a healthy Relationship with Highly Addictive Social Media

Warning: EXTREME transparency ahead. If honesty makes you uncomfortable, don’t read it. If you think thatView full post »