session types & prices


2019-2020 offerings


Available to shoot:

Monday through Friday



Headshots (off-site location: park, downtown, ect.)

(1 person) 30 min: $100

(Up to 4 people, I pick the location) 1 hour: $200


Headshots (on-location: I come to your office and set up!)

(Small Team, under 10 people, I come to your office!) up to 1 hr: $250

(Medium Team, under 20 people I come to your office!) up to 2 hrs $450

(Large Team, under 30 people, I come to your office!) up to 3 hrs $550

(All you can shoot, everybody and the kitchen sink, I come to your office!) up to 4 hrs $650

A-la-carte- Add an office environment shoot for $150 (see below)


Office Environment shots

Show off your office culture! Show your space and people working in action!

1 hr: $250

(Add-on!) Need updates headshots of your team AND environmental office shots add environment shots to your headshots above for only $150


Concept Shoot

Are you an advertising agency?

(Food, advertising, concept shoot)

All you can shoot from (9:30am til 2:00pm)

Starts at $700! Includes 1 hr of retouching

(Will provide estimate if talent/location/styling/retouching are needed)


Promo photos! Portraits/product shots/

Calling all entrepreneurs!

(Great for use on website/social media)

1ish hr shoot plus all retouching: $250

Great for makers/bloggers/entrepreneurs


Product shots for business:

1ish hr plus all retouching: $250

Bloggers/restaurants-show your menu/


Family In-home sessions

Lifestyle photos of you and your little ones that will make you bawl your eyes out when they leave for college.

$400 (takes about 2 hours on average)


Stay-at-home moms

Lifestyle photo of you and your little ones that will make you bawl your eyes out when they leave for college.

$350 (takes about 2 hours on average)


Newborn In-home-sessions

Lifestyle photo of you and your little ones that will make you bawl your eyes out when they leave for college.

$450 (takes 1-2 hours on average)


These Happy Homeschool Days

Lifestyle photos of you and your little ones that will make you bawl your eyes out when they leave for college.

$350 (takes about 1.5 hours on average)


A big, giant, extended family photoshoot $500 in Springfield, MO (add $50 for Branson, MO)

We’ll get posed photos of every sub-family, a group shot of all the grandkids, the whole group, and individuals of each grandkids, every combination we can muster! We’ll end with sweet candid photos of everyone playing around and being adorably themselves.


Weekend Availability!

I will be hosting 3 days of simple sessions this year, 25 minutes results in 25 photos.

Sign up for a slot! My email list gets first dibs before the date is released to the public.

Sign up here:


Minisessions typically held:

-May (Mother’s day gift!)

-Oct (perfect for Christmas cards)

-Nov (perfect for Christmas cards)

I would LOVE to shoot your family! (I mean…you know what I mean.)

I LOVE family photo sessions!



I currently offer two types of family sessions:



The Simple Session $225


A FUN easy 25-minute session. One outfit, one location, NO TANTRUMS.


This is right for you if: -you want HAPPY, more-posed-portraits of your beloveds with some fun candid ones mixed in too.


  • you aren't sure how long your kids are gonna be into this thing
  • you don't really want to give up AN ENTIRE day on this
  • your husband lets out a long sigh when you mention family photos
  • you need photos for christmas cards, social media, or gifts for grandparents


"Simple sessions forever!!!! I used to DREAD family photos because I was worried my kids would break down and my husband and I would end up snapping at eachother when we're supposed to look MADLY IN LOVE. These sessions are THE PERFECT length and somehow we end up with SO MANY photos. I don't get how Katie does it. She moves at lightening pace and keeps the kids laughing the whole time! (Also I love that she gives us the files. We used these for all of our christmas gifts this year and I got to print wherever I wanted!)"


-Sarah, mother-of-3 littles, wife of a former-family-photo-skeptic turned family-photo-tolerater




Just One Morning Session- Just Mom & Kids $450


(My favorite!) A couple hours in your home capturing your real-life as it is right now so that you can look back 10 years from now and be transported back. Where are my stay-at-home-mommas at? I will come spend a morning with you and capture all of the little, tiny things so you'll never forget. Optional: We can end with Dad stopping by on his lunchbreak so we can see their little faces light up with surprise and end the session with a quick, nice family photo of all of you together.


This session is right for you if:

  • You can't believe how fast time flies and you wish you could just bottle it up and savor it forever.
  • You agree that the days are long but the years are short.
  • You're gonna be THAT mom who cries for week when her kids go off to college. (What? That's still like 16 years away? STILL!!)
  • Your husband is not quite as "into" photos as you are.
  • Perfect for newborns!




Just One Morning Session- Mom & Dad & kiddos $450


Same as above, but Dad is along for the whole ride. I'll capture all the little things you guys love to do when you're all together and of course get some more-posed family portraits as well.



"Katie! I was two photos in before I started WEEPING. I'm SO GLAD we did this. I will cherish these photos the rest of my life. What an unbelievable gift you have given me. AHHH I LOVE MY LITTLE FAMILY! Sometimes I forget how much because they are so friggin' crazy most days. (Also I have no double chin. How'd you do that? I just had a baby! You're a wizard!) Okay, I'm going back through the gallery again. Just for like the 90th time."


-Michelle, mama of 2 teeny, tiny littles



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