the Details

I will be photographing 5 weddings this year.

Yep. Only 5. First come, first serve. Weddings are very important to me and after shooting hundreds in the last decade, I've learned something about myself: the fewer I shoot in a year, the better the product.

It means I will be fresh, present, and GENUINELY enthusastic to be there with you guys. 

It also means that once you book me, I will give you my cell phone number for your texting questions. I'm here. You can bounce your timeline/agenda/first-song/weird lighting questions at me all day. Use me. I know weddings.

And it means that after your wedding, instead of waiting FOREVER for your images, you'll get them back FAST. (We're talking 10 days after your wedding.) You pick a evening where you two can relax, curl up together, pop some champagne, cue up your wedding playlist, and slowly click through your gallery. (This date is second in importance to your actual wedding date. We'll pick it together before I ever photograph you and you can mark your in-home web-gallery date night on your calendar.)

Ok…How Much Is it Gonna Cost Me?

LOCAL PRICING (Springfield, MO area) $3500


  • Engagement Photo Session! 
  • All-day, unlimited hours of coverage.
  • A second-shooter for your ceremony.
  • ALL EDITED FILES with release for printing, sharing, anything you want, baby. (via your personalized client website)
  • A BIG GIGANTIC print of your favorite KDP-signature wide angle portrait for your home. (I can even help you pick it out as home decor is my second passion.)

You can add:

  • REHEARSAL DINNER COVERAGE $1000 (Let's just make a weekend of it!!)


  • No problem! I LOVE KC! Just add $500 to the above local pricing.
    (that's $4000 total if you're not into math.)


Have camera. Will Travel. 


  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
  • All-day, unlimited hours of coverage of Wedding Day.
  • ALL EDITED FILES with release for printing, sharing, anything you want, baby. (via your personalized client website)
  • A BIG GIGANTIC print of your favorite KDP-signature wide angle portrait for your home. (I can even help you pick it out as home decor is my second passion.)
  • Katie's travel/flight/hotel/rental car fees. I'll take care of it. Just tell me where to show up!
  • Optional: Mini-Engagement Session before your Rehearsal. (I're already dressed up and fancy!)
  • A second shooter! This includes their travel fees.*

(Travel price reflects intercontinental U.S. Please inquire about pricing for other locations)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to book my date?
50% down along with your contract to book the date. The final 50% is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. Also I have a contract for you to sign to make sure it's all legit.

When can we see our photos?
I will have all your wedding photos edited and uploaded into our online gallery/print cart in TEN DAYS. You heard me. I want you to get them back while everyone's still giddy and excited and asking you about every detail. Long before I even photograph you, (when you have your honeymoon plans solidified), we'll pick a date on the calendar that will fall a few days after you get home from your honeymoon and it will be your firm due date. Then you two can plan a romantic in-home champagne date night to celebrate! 

How will I access my files?
You will have a personalized gallery and download site where you can access your photos at any time. (It's SO COOL!) You may even share the download pin number with your parents and grandparents so they can download their favorites as well! You'll have the option to mark photos as private too, in case there are some you don't want others to see.

I don’t see any formal photos on your website or blog, do you take any family shots at the wedding?
Yes! I respect your mothers and your grandparents. I will get the classic, posed, smiling, more-formal family photos in ALL combinations. I do it so quick&dirty, your head will spin. 

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook and Instagram?
Of course!!!!  It would be super kind for you to give credit under the photo. I'm @ohkatieday on instagram. Follow me. I'll follow you back. (We'll walk around in circles.)

What kind of cameras do you have?
I carry two cameras like a ninja packmule. A Canon 5d Mark II, A Canon 5d Mark III and all prime L lenses. (They're so heavy. My shoulders are going to die an early sad death BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT.) I also keep even MORE additional back-up equipment in tow just in case of a natural disaster.

How many wedding photos will I get?
A minimum of 50 photos from your portrait session (engagement).
A minimum of 400 images from your wedding day. (Probably WAY more than that. I tend to get carried away.)

How many hours do you work on the wedding day?
ALL DAY, BABY! Usually about 8-12 hours will cover it. (The photos start to get  little blurry after 12 hours. (Also please feed me. I don't need much, just toss a dinner roll my way every now and then. 12 hours is a long time to be on my feet lugging around hundreds of pounds of equipment. We can pretend it's Lambert's. I won't even stop shooting, just a toss a role and I'll catch it in my mouth.) 

Can I have or see all of the unedited photos you took at our wedding?
Nah. I don’t release any unedited photos. Trust me! The only ones I reject are ones where you look nasty or blinky or double-chinny. Or if a photo is blurry due to a shortage in rolls thrown toward the photographer.

Do to tip you? (I don't know how wedding etiquette goes!)
Heck no! I'm already charging you serious dollars. You absolutely do not need to tip me. But Ughh Fine! If you absolutely MUST, I do love a good Target gift card or a can of La Croix. ;) 

Can you tell me more about the "BIG GIGANTIC print of your favorite KDP-signature wide angle portrait"
Yes. Some of my favorite portratis are shot panned out, wide-angle as a fine art print. For example you might only take up about 10% of the frame. As a result when printed VERY LARGE (think 20x30in) it beomes more than just a wedding photo, but a beautiful statement piece for your wall!

When you say you're going to dance at my reception, are you going to like...embarass yourself?
I'm kidding! It's really the group dances I can't resist. Like the Cupid Shuffle. Also the hip hop songs. Also the slow dances if your grandpa or two-year-old nephew is available. So not ALL of the songs. Oh! Also "Shout!". I LOVE "Shout". Oh! And Love Shack!

I'm not sure you're the right fit for me. You seem to have a bit too much enthusiasm. Can you recommend someone else who can just be normal and calmly produce some nice, formal photographs?
Absolutely! Don't worry about it! I'm not for everyone. I can absolutely recommend these guys for all of your photo needs.