Your Kind words

THE most fun ever!

"These photos quite possibly have the potential to lengthen your life.  It's science.
No matter how unbeautiful or awkward you may feel, Katie has wizard powers to instantly make you feel comfortable, super hot, and crazy glad you booked her as your photographer.  She is THE most fun ever.  Seriously, you will probably want to kick out a bridesmaid and make room for her in your wedding party .  My wedding day was SO stress-free! Asking me if I'd recommend KDP is like asking me if I'd recommend breathing.  It's pretty much a necessity."
-Allison Slone

You will LOVE her

I wanted to find someone who's photos blew me away and who I actually would want to spend a whole day with on the most important day of my life. Katie Day has been the single most important find I've made in the wedding planning process. After taking engagement photos with her, and getting to know her, she is one of the top three reasons I am looking forward to my wedding day.  She is super super super cool. I hope that we stay friends after this process is over. You will love her. You will want to spend hours with her. And you will love the photos. She is the entire perfect package.‎

-Tara Copeland, Brooklyn, New York

She’s everywhere all the time (…but not in a creepy way.)

LOVE love love our photos! Katie captured all of the love and emotion and dancing
Katie did so much more than just showing up with a camera to make it all happen...she listened to me think out loud (while being a super mom) over the phone and answered my silly questions in a way that made me feel less silly, she treated me like more of a friend that really cared than a vendor who was just doing their job and seriously worked her butt off running around for hours on our wedding day to capture our most favorite day, so perfectly. We couldn't be more grateful.

I love the candidness she works to catch so well, she's everywhere all the time...but not in a creepy way. :) Looking at our photos, every time it feels like we're right there in that moment all over again.

-Jessica Schmidt, Kansas City, MO