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Families, Brand, and Event Photography

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On-screen, Voiceover, Jingle-writing, Singing

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TV Commercial: Explore Branson

Writer, Singer in collaboration with writersroom.com

Commercial: 7 Eleven

On-screen Talent, writersroom.com

Sketch: The Girl Who Seriously Doesn’t Even Care

What People Think Of Her

Quarentined Covid Edition of themysteryhour.com

Commercial: Clinvest,

Voiceover, wakecreative.com

Sketch: Break Up Song,

Writer/Singer, themysteryhour.com

Commercial: The Moxie: 3-Part Film Styles

On-screen Talent, themysteryhour.com

Sketch: Nutrition is EASY Song,

Writer/Singer, themysteryhour.com

TV Episode: Series Finale

Show Writer, themysteryhour.com


Shailey and Katie’s Lemonade Stand

Positive Mindset, Home and Design

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“Hilarious & Practical! Shailey and Katie have so much wisdom to share and it’s sooooo entertaining!”

-kesha alexander


Keynote Topics: Mindset & Creativity

Hosting: In-person and zoom events!

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“Katie has a read on the audience at all times, keeping the event grounded with just the right balance of humor and depth.”

-jeff houghton

HI! I’m katie day!

Age: 38 and loving the aging process!

(I was born an old soul so it feels like

coming home.)

Location: Springfield, MO.

Originally from Kansas City, MO

(Gooo Chiefs!)

Husband: Jared, hottest man alive and karaoke duet partner for 17 years

Kids: four entire human children (they’re my besties, they’re hilarious)

Current Profession: Full-time Creative & Marketing Director at The Virtual Savvy

Background: BFA in Graphic Design

3 years living that sweet, sweet ad agency life, 15 years as a freelance designer, full-time wedding & family photographer! 20 years studying and performing improv comedy!

Favorite Food - Stuffed Crust Pizza. I’m low-carb 24/7 unless I come in contact with stuffed crust pizza. Game over.

Favorite Way to Relax - Slow-perusing of the Barnes & Noble Home Design section with an overpriced coffee in hand

Spirit Animal: Sun-spot-naptime-kittens (Sigh. it looks so amazing to be a sun-spot-naptime-kitten)

Really good at:

  • obsessing over a new skill and teaching myself to do it
  • saying “the book was better”
  • overanalyzing SNL sketches for why they worked or didn’t and what I would have done differently (...do I sound... fun?)

Really bad at:

  • taking my donation items STRAIGHT to the thrift store
  • cold-calling on the phone (Like...what if the person ANSWERS?!!!)
  • metabolizing carbohydrates (...amiright?)
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1:1 coaching

After my own health transformation, I decided to pursue 5 certifications in Mindset & success coaching. Launching in September 2024!

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get on the waitlist: katiedayphoto@gmail.com

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I was pregnant and taking care of little kids for a decade. I was feeling like life was blur. It was happening TO me. I was not in control and I was slipping into depression. I decided to obsessively study habit change. then little by little:

  • I lost 75 pounds!
  • I rediscovered sleep, and made it a non-negotiable!
  • I fell in love with strength training and began to feel powerful!
  • I ditched my nightly wine habit and started to do the work to heal the triggers that made me reach for a glass in the first place!
  • I began journalling practice that helped me discover my purpose!
  • I finally stopped the people-pleasing and stepped into my own power!

If any of this resonates with you, send me an email!